Switching from my blogspot to my art tumblr for my pro/main page.
slowly adding info, commission prices are up but images are not. Need to fix that, add some links!
I am available for commissions pretty much...always, but what size changes depending on if school's in session, etc. I'm working on getting more examples of headshots together as they are small, with a fairly quick turnaround. They can also be made into tiny badges or keychains without any hassle.

Etsy is definitely up and running well, and a zine (first in an installment of many, side project alongside Shadowed Lives) is now up for sale along with as some cute kitty ornaments/charms. http://www.etsy.com/shop/collectivecomplex
The new year will see it gain another small comic zine and a massive compilation zine (compilation zine info can be found here, if you are interested: http://withinhershadow.tumblr.com). All very exciting stuff.

I mostly use this for EGL sales and other such things now but will hopefully be getting active in TeenyCom and some badge communities again soon, as well as a few MLP sales sites as I'm trying to clear out my collection and make room for some other stuff on my shelf.
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not dead!...

But not really that active either.

I posted a custom badge slot to Etsy a bit ago, though, and have been working on some art for myself/gifts and whatnot, and that's good.  Hopefully I'll have that stupid 4-page comic project done soon but it's slow going.  Also putting together a zine, theme is haunting, all types of submissions are welcome.


The Collective Complex Presents: A Haunting

This is information for participating in the first zine produced by myself and Hannah of The Collective Complex on Etsy! How exciting! It showcases writing and art of any genre or medium as long as it pertains to the theme.

Theme: A haunting typically conjures images of ghosts, demons, and other supernatural and macabre themes, but it may also be a figurative haunting: revisiting a childhood home, remembering a past experience. It may be cheering or comforting, sad, and yes, of course, scary, so send in anything that may fit under the broad definition of “haunted.” Genre-blending and experimental work is encouraged but not a requirement.

Note: While all is up to interpretation it is HIGHLY encouraged to examine this theme through an equality-minded lens, that is, focusing on other parts of the spectrum of sexuality, gender, etc. than just what is typically shown in mainstream culture. The atypical and exploration of the “other” is encouraged and welcomed.

On payment: It is currently unclear, but rather unlikely, that this first edition will be offering compensation. More realistically cost will cover printing alone. If this is the case, such information will be made available at a later date, most likely following the completion of the zine. We will, of course, be sending one free copy to each participator regardless.

Rules and guidelines:
*On submitting a cover: Make sure the title is included and the
*Writing may be up to a whopping 12 pages in length; we want to be open to allowing longer pieces as many zines have a rather short word limit.
*All work will be printed black/white, so please keep this in mind.
*When submitting, include the name you wish to be credited with, a webpage, and the name of each piece.
*You may submit up to three works.
* Adult work including erotica is allowed, however, straight-up pornography and smut is not.
*Work that may be considered controversial, triggering or disturbing is of course permitted within reason; outright hateful, obscene, or tasteless material will not be considered. Please contact me with any questions if you feel your work may be on the edge; if in doubt, submit it.

Please send all submissions and any questions to adkstudioss@gmail.com.

Tentative due date: December 31, 2012

Part of my plans with Hannah (wildflowersandweeds on tumblr) to make a bunch of comics and zines both collaborative and singular in nature; we’re using our Etsy name as an umbrella for these projects because it was meant to be a sort of publishing name and we put it on our Etsy :P I’m planning to get a few things set up with some zine resource sites to get as many submissions to sort through as possible.
Not much else to say right now.  Thanks for reading.
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Joined some new groups // Shop announcement...again!

I joined furtime-badges, and con-badges today and put in a request to join sweet-badges.  It would be fun to be in some badge exchanges!

I also posted an ad in con_badges for some Ink Spill badges: http://con-badges.livejournal.com/308459.html

Mononoke prints are still available for pre-order, details in the previous post.

Also....The Collective Complex is now open.  New collaborative shop between myself and the co-writer of long-term-never-see-the-light-of-day-project Shadowed Lives (it'll be a while before we're anywhere near the art stage....).  She is very talented at yarn crafts and so the products available are expanding quite a bit from when it was just my shop with originals and buttons.  Also, new buttons coming soon!
Hoping to have the first short story zine out soon too, it'll have work by myself and another person in it along with my own writing.  Exciting stuff!  Keep your eyes peeled, new item listings will be up all week.
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Mononoke Prints Pre-Order! // Shop Announcement

Each signed cardstock print is 11x14". I got a sample the other day, the colors are really luminous and exact to the original. All the detail is preserved, which since I rarely do prints, I was a little worried about...overall it looks fantastic!
They will be selling for $12 including shipping. International shipping is $2 extra. 
However, if you pre-order you not only get the signed print, but a few smaller 4x6" prints, and you are automatically entered in a raffle for a full-color commission with a simple background and up to 3 characters, which is typically $30-40 USD depending on how many characters! The image can be G-XXX. For guides to what I will and will not draw please go see my commission page. 
If you're interested please email me at adkstudioss[at]gmail.com with your FA username, and send $12/14 to my Paypal, which has the same address.  The subject should say "mononoke print." Your paypal email should be included in the body if it differs from your other email so I know who you are! Also list if you are interested in being kept up to date on the MLP paper dolls, and when those come out, you can get first dibs on them--I'll email you when they're ready for pre-order.
I am looking to have 15 people pre-order before I send out everything. When this goal is reached, I will email everyone who pre-ordered to let them know their prints are on their way, and will announce the raffle winner!

This is as good a time as any to make another announcement.
I'm planning to stop taking trades for a while in favor of completing other projects. Any owed work will be completed and then I'm going to buckle down and work on some things for my Etsy, which is changing drastically.  During this time I will still be open for small commissions (badges, sketches, etc), but will not taking on larger commissions or any new trades.
It's getting a new name and look and  will be joining. It will be a mix of crocheted figures, dolls, and clothes, comics and zines, and my own artwork--prints, originals, buttons (looking to order MORE buttons soon!!!), and hopefully shirts and other gear. The comics and zines will be a mix of my own writing and hers. Much of it will relate to the characters in Shadowed Lives, but will not be connected with the storyline. 
We're also working on designing an ongoing series of comics mixing past experiences and ongoing conflicts and developments with another group of characters we have, some of which appear in Shadowed Lives, but live in a different region. Cast will include Merriweather, Carlos, Bailey, Lindsay, Gage, Jazz, and others, including one of my OLDEST furry characters, who is currently being revamped. I'm very excited about this, as well as having the opportunity to self-release some of my writing instead of trying to find suitable zines.
These projects are in part to prepare for the massiveness of working on illustrating Shadowed Lives, but we're also doing them for the joy of having something completed. Since Shadowed Lives is a very extensive, long-term project that's probably over 300 pages in script now and STILL going, we'd like to release some smaller things to A. grow an audience and B. have some smaller finished comics, so we can get into the groove of editing, storyboarding, and most importantly PRINTING, which will be completely new territory. 
I may be looking to collaborate with other artists on these works since I still have a vision of Shadowed Lives as an artistic collaboration, like how Sandman had several different artists working on each chapter, but one may work on one chapter and never work on the series again--touching and changing the art in that part to make it unique from the rest of the series. If anyone would like to collaborate they can email me at adkstudioss[at]gmail.com or note me here on FA. I'd prefer it to be someone at least matching my skill set who can work traditionally, since I'd still like to make Shadowed Lives a traditional collaboration (requiring mailing, I know--I'm willing to pay for that). These smaller works may be digital collaborations, however, if anyone else is interested in joining in.
I also want to get the pony dolls finished! I was going to upload them without the gala dresses finished but then I figured I wanted a finished set and decided to go for it. 
So, I will be taking commissions still since having some extra income to work on these projects would be great, but I may refuse larger works in favor of tiny commissions for a little while. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm guessing at least the rest of the summer. 
Overall if you like cute crocheted things and you like my art then you should keep your eyes peeled for when we re-open, which will hopefully be soon! Thanks for reading.

Back from AC! // Mailing list // Odium Comix

Had an absolute blast.  Got a few commissions (one take-home) and sold some buttons, also started a mailing list for my MLP paper dolls.  When they're completed and scanned I'll send emails to everyone on the list with previews so they can pre-order if they wish to do so.  I'm also going to to the same with a large Mononoke fanart piece that was in my con art book that a lot of people took an interest in.  Someone even offered to buy the original once it's scanned!  
I made a ton of art as gifts and trades as well and hope to have scans of those soon.  As usual they'll be uploaded on my main galleries and blogspot, but I may post about name stickers, full-body sketches, and colored headshots over on teenycom now that I have some new, super-cute examples!

If you're interested in being on either list, please send me an email at adkstudioss@gmail.com titled "mailing list"!  List whether you're interested in the MLP art or Mononoke art (or both) in the message body.  

Since I didn't get a lot of take-home work I'm planning out some small comics related to the characters depicted in Shadowed Lives since it won't be ready for illustration for probably another full year at least.  This is for my own practice as well as to stir up some interest and maybe get a chance to collaborate with other artists, since I still imagine Shadowed Lives being a collaborative artistic effort.  If you're interested in these, keep your eyes peeled.  I'll be posting all comics or at least links to them here.

Also, I'm going to be organizing to do more with my blogspot to make it more than just art, but also networking and advertising/featuring for other artists, indie shops, etc. and maybe post some inspiration-themed art and music shares and whatnot (linking to where someone may buy any music, of course).  I hope, in short, to make it more active on different levels than before.  

And finally, I was included in Odium Comix Issue 1!  (WARNING: NSFW, mature viewers only!!!)
When I came home I found my copy waiting for me!  :)
It focuses on black/white art, mostly sequential/small comics, all dark/surreal, many but not all adult or even showing an organic subject matter.  A really varied zine, overall.  Some of the work is a little shocking/unnerving and to some may be considered vulgar, but I found none of it to be tasteless or un-enjoyable.  My piece is personal fetish work focusing on sex positivity and openness through the lens of something which to many would look like a humiliating, painful experience (I made this sound a lot less rough and gritty than it is, and a lot more deep...whoops).  I hope to contribute regularly as making work to fit Odium Comix got me out of my comfort zone, which is always a good thing.  I encourage you to check it out, but it will probably not appeal to many of my regular watchers--you've been warned.


I will be there and will have a table for Friday, possibly holding it Saturday as well!  

I'll be selling prints, $5 each or three for $12, buttons for $1 and $1.50, and some original pieces as well.  I will be taking some small commissions:

*Busts, headshots, and MLP--sketched, inked, colored ($2-10)
*Full body sketches ($7)
*Name stickers ($4)

I'll be doing take-home commissions too.

I'm sharing the table with the other person writing our joint comic project, Hannah, who will be selling some cute crocheted things at various prices--little animals and headbands and whatnot.  

So yeah, look for us there!  


STREAMING NOW! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/traditional-art-streaming
*let me know if you can hear music.  I'm playing with settings to see if I understand this site.  it's kinda confusing to me still.
*video quality should be much better than last time.

No requests except maybe for close friends, will be working on some badges for :burgerbabyicon: and her BF for AC since we're roomies <333 They're going to be the Halloween Party ones I had advertised.  There will be one remaining $8 slot before they turn back to $12.  I'm also going to take on small $2 headshot sketches like these: 
Like I did during the last stream.
AND/OR badge commissions, which will be sketched while people watch.  I'm only taking on two.  They can be any style, including my tiny name sticker ones for $4.  
Cheap experimental badge journal here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3322910/
I still have MANY examples I'd like to try out so please take a look.  :) 
Standard ones in art nouveau, 20s/vintage photography and regular are available too for $15 
DMB, lance

Streams // Auctions

Hi again!

Just posting to say I'm now able to do streams!  I currently stream traditional art as I'm not that good at digital yet, but may do digital streams too to make myself practice more, haha.  I have little motivation to improve my digital stuff, unfortunately.  :( Trad's just easier.

Anyway, all streams will be posted about on FA, mylovelyastronaut.tumblr.com, dA, and my Facebook page ADK Studios.  I may start posting stream notifications here as well.  All streams will be here for now: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/traditional-art-streaming  
NOTE: This site seems to bother my internet and sometimes the connection is a little fuzzy, and for some dumb reason the visibility isn't always clear.  I'm sorry about this and am trying to switch to a different site (NOT LIVESTREAM) in the meantime.

What to expect:  Well, for the first two I did yesterday, I offered small headshot sketch requests, and tiny commissions: inked headshot for $4 and colored for $6.  In the future I may charge for sketched headshots too, which are $2, or offer other small commissions, as well as switch up the requests if/when they are available.  Or I may do a set number of free things for the first people to get on and send me refs...IDK.  :P
I will also stream my personal art and projects, which last night included a Twilight Sparkle ACEO and some brief tinkering and small coloring on a tasteful nude of my character Gage the mongoose lemur, eating some weird foods while reading in bed.


ALSO, I have some auctions up on Furbuy for originals and custom art alike, mostly adult but a badge slot is available too!
I'm gonna add more--possibly some clean ACEOs or custom spots for those--later this week.  
http://www.furbuy.com/seller/darkmoon.html  Check it!

<3 <3 peace out y'all!
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Site Use Updates // MLP NEWS

I still only use this for groups, so no, this isn't about LJ :B

BUT!  I'm posting to say I have instead of a Bigcartel site, two separate shops.  I greatly appreciate any follows/favorites on either.

Redbubble, which has a few shirt designs and stickers up, hopefully more in the future!
Etsy, which has small prints (I scan my ACEOs big so I can get prints of them at 4x6, they look pretty nice), cool buttons, and originals for sale.
Also I haven't posted this ANYWHERE before....
....but....I have a secret Tumblr account for excerpts of the script/related art for Shadowed Lives, a joint comic project in scripting stage right now.  It's a mix of silliness (ridiculous outlines especially, haha), script excerpts, updates on our progress, and art/sketches relating to the story.  Since this is currently a two person endeavor the updates are mostly text and are rather occasional.
Here it is!

I also have some VERY EXCITING NEWS.  I have some traditionally made anthro My Little Pony paper dolls...and their outfit sets are ALMOST DONE.  By the end of the week, I will probably have all their outfit/accessory sets finished, leaving me to make a set of gala gowns and ACEOs corresponding with each character.  The dolls feature the Mane Six, but in time I hope to add more to the series and maybe even open for commissions for customs or requests of certain characters!  If I finish everything on time I will try to have them available at Anthrocon, where I'll be in the Artist's Alley, and for order online.  

They will all be cut out and laminated, with their outfits attachable via sticky tack or something similar.  I hate dealing with the flimsy flaps of paper on a traditional doll and have seen people use this method instead with the result being a more resilient and enjoyable doll.

In time I want to also have it available that someone can commission an outfit for a character, or commission characters drawn in my normal style and out of the realm of the MLP fandom.  This is really exciting, or at least I think so!  XD

I advertise commissions in the group Teenycom for the most part.  I recently posted about some badges there, and I'm still open if anyone would like one.  I'm open for just about any kind of commission right now to be honest :)
Currently I only have two pieces of owed work and one, a commission, is in the coloring stage right now.

And last but not least, I have a Nabyn.  Over time I hope to move ALL my character information there.  I post art but also occasionally a few refs and tweak the info.  

As usual all my information--my character info, commission and item trade info, current art queue, etc.--is available here, on my Blogspot.  You'll be asked if you are okay with viewing adult content; all mature/adult content is hidden under the cut and a warning will be above it in bright pink text.  There's slight artistic nudity in one or two commission examples, and my refs are almost all partially nude, but beyond that you can avoid anything mature/adult easily.

Hoping to do little updates on the business/organization side of things here every now and again.  

That's it, thanks for looking!  
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This journal will be used for communities only, mainly commission ones but also a few others.  I will not be adding people as friends unless their journal is also non-personal.
My previous LJ is deleted.

So, uh, I'll try to start posting to a few places in a few days....yup.  In the meantime check out my sidebar links, I guess!
See y'all later.