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18 April 2012 @ 02:52 pm
Site Use Updates // MLP NEWS  
I still only use this for groups, so no, this isn't about LJ :B

BUT!  I'm posting to say I have instead of a Bigcartel site, two separate shops.  I greatly appreciate any follows/favorites on either.

Redbubble, which has a few shirt designs and stickers up, hopefully more in the future!
Etsy, which has small prints (I scan my ACEOs big so I can get prints of them at 4x6, they look pretty nice), cool buttons, and originals for sale.
Also I haven't posted this ANYWHERE before....
....but....I have a secret Tumblr account for excerpts of the script/related art for Shadowed Lives, a joint comic project in scripting stage right now.  It's a mix of silliness (ridiculous outlines especially, haha), script excerpts, updates on our progress, and art/sketches relating to the story.  Since this is currently a two person endeavor the updates are mostly text and are rather occasional.
Here it is!

I also have some VERY EXCITING NEWS.  I have some traditionally made anthro My Little Pony paper dolls...and their outfit sets are ALMOST DONE.  By the end of the week, I will probably have all their outfit/accessory sets finished, leaving me to make a set of gala gowns and ACEOs corresponding with each character.  The dolls feature the Mane Six, but in time I hope to add more to the series and maybe even open for commissions for customs or requests of certain characters!  If I finish everything on time I will try to have them available at Anthrocon, where I'll be in the Artist's Alley, and for order online.  

They will all be cut out and laminated, with their outfits attachable via sticky tack or something similar.  I hate dealing with the flimsy flaps of paper on a traditional doll and have seen people use this method instead with the result being a more resilient and enjoyable doll.

In time I want to also have it available that someone can commission an outfit for a character, or commission characters drawn in my normal style and out of the realm of the MLP fandom.  This is really exciting, or at least I think so!  XD

I advertise commissions in the group Teenycom for the most part.  I recently posted about some badges there, and I'm still open if anyone would like one.  I'm open for just about any kind of commission right now to be honest :)
Currently I only have two pieces of owed work and one, a commission, is in the coloring stage right now.

And last but not least, I have a Nabyn.  Over time I hope to move ALL my character information there.  I post art but also occasionally a few refs and tweak the info.  

As usual all my information--my character info, commission and item trade info, current art queue, etc.--is available here, on my Blogspot.  You'll be asked if you are okay with viewing adult content; all mature/adult content is hidden under the cut and a warning will be above it in bright pink text.  There's slight artistic nudity in one or two commission examples, and my refs are almost all partially nude, but beyond that you can avoid anything mature/adult easily.

Hoping to do little updates on the business/organization side of things here every now and again.  

That's it, thanks for looking!  
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