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31 December 2012 @ 07:29 pm
Switching from my blogspot to my art tumblr for my pro/main page.
slowly adding info, commission prices are up but images are not. Need to fix that, add some links!
I am available for commissions pretty much...always, but what size changes depending on if school's in session, etc. I'm working on getting more examples of headshots together as they are small, with a fairly quick turnaround. They can also be made into tiny badges or keychains without any hassle.

Etsy is definitely up and running well, and a zine (first in an installment of many, side project alongside Shadowed Lives) is now up for sale along with as some cute kitty ornaments/charms. http://www.etsy.com/shop/collectivecomplex
The new year will see it gain another small comic zine and a massive compilation zine (compilation zine info can be found here, if you are interested: http://withinhershadow.tumblr.com). All very exciting stuff.

I mostly use this for EGL sales and other such things now but will hopefully be getting active in TeenyCom and some badge communities again soon, as well as a few MLP sales sites as I'm trying to clear out my collection and make room for some other stuff on my shelf.