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28 October 2012 @ 04:46 pm
not dead!...  
But not really that active either.

I posted a custom badge slot to Etsy a bit ago, though, and have been working on some art for myself/gifts and whatnot, and that's good.  Hopefully I'll have that stupid 4-page comic project done soon but it's slow going.  Also putting together a zine, theme is haunting, all types of submissions are welcome.


The Collective Complex Presents: A Haunting

This is information for participating in the first zine produced by myself and Hannah of The Collective Complex on Etsy! How exciting! It showcases writing and art of any genre or medium as long as it pertains to the theme.

Theme: A haunting typically conjures images of ghosts, demons, and other supernatural and macabre themes, but it may also be a figurative haunting: revisiting a childhood home, remembering a past experience. It may be cheering or comforting, sad, and yes, of course, scary, so send in anything that may fit under the broad definition of “haunted.” Genre-blending and experimental work is encouraged but not a requirement.

Note: While all is up to interpretation it is HIGHLY encouraged to examine this theme through an equality-minded lens, that is, focusing on other parts of the spectrum of sexuality, gender, etc. than just what is typically shown in mainstream culture. The atypical and exploration of the “other” is encouraged and welcomed.

On payment: It is currently unclear, but rather unlikely, that this first edition will be offering compensation. More realistically cost will cover printing alone. If this is the case, such information will be made available at a later date, most likely following the completion of the zine. We will, of course, be sending one free copy to each participator regardless.

Rules and guidelines:
*On submitting a cover: Make sure the title is included and the
*Writing may be up to a whopping 12 pages in length; we want to be open to allowing longer pieces as many zines have a rather short word limit.
*All work will be printed black/white, so please keep this in mind.
*When submitting, include the name you wish to be credited with, a webpage, and the name of each piece.
*You may submit up to three works.
* Adult work including erotica is allowed, however, straight-up pornography and smut is not.
*Work that may be considered controversial, triggering or disturbing is of course permitted within reason; outright hateful, obscene, or tasteless material will not be considered. Please contact me with any questions if you feel your work may be on the edge; if in doubt, submit it.

Please send all submissions and any questions to adkstudioss@gmail.com.

Tentative due date: December 31, 2012

Part of my plans with Hannah (wildflowersandweeds on tumblr) to make a bunch of comics and zines both collaborative and singular in nature; we’re using our Etsy name as an umbrella for these projects because it was meant to be a sort of publishing name and we put it on our Etsy :P I’m planning to get a few things set up with some zine resource sites to get as many submissions to sort through as possible.
Not much else to say right now.  Thanks for reading.