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25 April 2012 @ 06:04 pm
Streams // Auctions  
Hi again!

Just posting to say I'm now able to do streams!  I currently stream traditional art as I'm not that good at digital yet, but may do digital streams too to make myself practice more, haha.  I have little motivation to improve my digital stuff, unfortunately.  :( Trad's just easier.

Anyway, all streams will be posted about on FA, mylovelyastronaut.tumblr.com, dA, and my Facebook page ADK Studios.  I may start posting stream notifications here as well.  All streams will be here for now: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/traditional-art-streaming  
NOTE: This site seems to bother my internet and sometimes the connection is a little fuzzy, and for some dumb reason the visibility isn't always clear.  I'm sorry about this and am trying to switch to a different site (NOT LIVESTREAM) in the meantime.

What to expect:  Well, for the first two I did yesterday, I offered small headshot sketch requests, and tiny commissions: inked headshot for $4 and colored for $6.  In the future I may charge for sketched headshots too, which are $2, or offer other small commissions, as well as switch up the requests if/when they are available.  Or I may do a set number of free things for the first people to get on and send me refs...IDK.  :P
I will also stream my personal art and projects, which last night included a Twilight Sparkle ACEO and some brief tinkering and small coloring on a tasteful nude of my character Gage the mongoose lemur, eating some weird foods while reading in bed.


ALSO, I have some auctions up on Furbuy for originals and custom art alike, mostly adult but a badge slot is available too!
I'm gonna add more--possibly some clean ACEOs or custom spots for those--later this week.  
http://www.furbuy.com/seller/darkmoon.html  Check it!

<3 <3 peace out y'all!